Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miley cyrus pics. Cool stuff.

Miley cyrus pics. Some Pictures:

miley cyrus picsmiley cyrus picsmiley cyrus picsmiley cyrus pics
Miley Cyrus? Why is everyone Mad About the Miley Cyrus pics? She isn't showing anything, and I think it looks nice! Dont get me wrong I dont like her songs or the show wondering why everyone is making a big deal about not wearing? I dont wear, and I do not think anyone knew it even before the media said anything. Like really! What were they thinking? That was a little girl would say, Miley Cyrus doesn't wear a seatbelt, so I care about! uhhhhh the media is just such a big problem out of nothing.
Watch her S-E-X-T-A-P-E video here...

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